Important Updates

In an effort to provide better customer service, we are offering a new option for retailers to receive notifications of pending payment defaults via email. As you know, when a retail licensee fails to pay for goods sold and delivered by the final payment date, a wholesaler is required to notify the New York State Liquor Authority ("SLA"). If payment is not received by the notification date set by statute, the retail licensee is placed on a delinquent list and cannot be given credit by any wholesaler until it is removed from the list.


Many retailers have complained that they find themselves on the list when they did not know that they had failed to make timely payment. In order to help address this, the SLA recently authorized retail licensees who wish to obtain notices of pending payment defaults by email rather than first-class mail. Empire Merchants is participating in this program.

Click for more information:

Notice of Change in Delinquent Notification (PDF)

Enrollment Form: Delinquent Notfication (PDF)

FAQ Delinquent Notification Emails (PDF)