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Empire Merchants Policies & Announcements

Below you’ll find a chronological list of our important policy announcements. Please check this page often to remain current and feel free to call customer service with any questions.


Important Announcements

July Allocated Items
• The date to place orders for allocated items at July pricing has been changed to Tuesday July 5th for delivery July 6th due to the July 4th holiday.
• Orders can be placed in Pocket Advantage and with the Order Department (800-382-3820) starting at 9am on Tuesday, July 5th or through your Sales Rep. Please note that the ordering date for July allocated items is different from our normal policies and procedures.

July 4th Holiday
• We are closed on Monday, July 4th for the Independence Day Holiday. Please plan ahead for the holiday as there are no deliveries on Monday, July 4th.

Summer Shutdown: Monday July 18th through Friday July 29th
• It is recommended that final pre-shutdown orders are placed no later than Monday, July 11th.

• Per the NYS Liquor Authority, orders shipped from Monday, July 11th thru Friday, July 15th will be deemed delivered on Sunday, July 17th which shall be considered the date of delivery for same. The final payment date for such deliveries shall be Tuesday, August 16, 2022.

Please note: It is important that we utilize Monday, July 11th efficiently as orders placed on Friday, July 8th and delivered on Monday, July 11th will receive the extended credit terms.

• The last delivery date prior to shutdown is Friday, July 15th and no new orders will be taken on this day. The Order Department is closed on Friday, July 15, 2022. Our Order Department will re-open on Monday, August 1st at 9am.

• Orders will not be processed on Friday, July 15th from Pocket Advantage, Empire360, EDI, Provi and SevenFifty.

Customer Service is open Friday July 15th AND during shutdown for C.O.D. and other compliance issues. Additionally, all policies related to as bills, breakage, pickups/exchanges, etc are still in effect and must be requested during the shutdown period.
– For example, if a customer received an incorrect product, the pickup needs to be called in within 5 business days from the date of delivery. Customer Service can be reached at 800-441-5614 or via email at

July Month End/Bill and Storage and August Orders
• Pocket Advantage, Empire360, EDI, Provi and Sevenfifty will be available to place orders starting on Thursday, July 28, 2022 at August pricing

o Please note, Pocket Advantage, Empire360, Provi and Sevenfifty will display August pricing starting on July 15th.
o You can place Bill and Storage at July pricing on Pocket Advantage until 5pm on Friday, July 29th.
o Any new B&S orders at July pricing placed after 5pm on July 29th through 11:40pm on Sunday, July 31st must be emailed to and Customer Service will enter these orders.

• Our first delivery day after the Summer Shutdown will be Tuesday, August 2nd.

August Allocated Items
• Allocated items at August pricing will be taken starting Monday, August 1st at 9am.

• Orders can be placed with the Order Department 800- 382-3820 starting at 9am or through your Sales Rep. Please note that the ordering date for August allocated items is different from our normal policies and procedures.

Empire 360 Launch

Empire360, a 360-Degree Approach to Beverage Alcohol B2B E-Commerce
New York, New York, May 31, 2022 — Empire Merchants and Empire Merchants North launch Empire360, the industry-leading beverage alcohol B2B digital sales solution.
Empire Merchants and Empire Merchants North, New York State’s premier wine and spirits distributors, collaborate with City Hive Inc.’s platform to launch Empire360: a cutting-edge business-to-business digital sales platform. This innovative digital solution provides a powerful new channel by connecting Empire’s customers to the brands they represent. Empire360 unlocks self-service features, enabling both on- and off-premise customers to manage their businesses with increased speed, efficiency, and transparency. This customer-centric platform offers 24-hour online ordering, product discovery and account management services.

Empire360 paves the way for Empire Merchants to lead the industry in beverage alcohol E-Commerce. Key features of Empire360 include product discovery; advanced assortment views; robust combo offerings; and transparent pricing displays. Empire’s vision is that customers will leverage Empire360 to streamline ordering and inventory management while removing the burden associated with payment and invoice processing. This will free up their salesforce to do what they do best – customer consultation and insight driven storytelling.

Eric Pfeil, President and CEO of Empire Merchants and Empire Merchants North, said during a recent internal training, “Empire continues to create industry standards that set us apart. Our sales teams and managers have always been the key to our success and will continue to be essential as we build an ultra-modern sales operation. Empire360 will provide our customers with ‘best-in-class’ tools so our team can focus on sales consultation and ease the friction associated with order taking. We believe that this platform and our overall digital strategy will offer our customers and suppliers even more robust resources to manage their businesses and strengthen their relationship with Empire.” Pfeil adds, “This is only the beginning: Empire’s leadership and team, alongside our partners, are committed to innovating and leading on the digital front.” Empire will continue to accept orders through marketplaces as part of their comprehensive approach to E-Commerce.

Empire Merchants and Empire Merchants North partnered with City Hive Inc. to develop its online sales platform. City Hive Inc. is the leading beverage alcohol focused technology company and powers more than 3,000 retail partners reaching over 950 cities in forty states. Empire Merchants has established a seasoned internal E-Commerce team to bring this industry-leading platform to market with City Hive and has conducted in depth market research in the design and testing phases of Empire360. “Empire Merchants was the first to believe in our vision of Consumerization of B2B, allowing us to provide a technology service for every stakeholder within the beverage alcohol three-tier industry,” said Roi Kliper, CEO of City Hive.

About Empire Merchants:,
Proudly building on decades of experience covering all of New York State, Empire Merchants and Empire Merchants North were formed in February 2007 resulting in two of New York’s premier wine and spirits distributors. With state-of-the-art facilities and a dedicated team of over 2,000 knowledgeable and well-equipped employees, Empire Merchants and Empire Merchants North have become synonymous with both service and quality, earning the loyalty of over 18,000 restaurants, bars, hotels, nightclubs and retail outlets.

About City Hive –

City Hive is an omni-channel digital commerce and data SaaS platform for wine, beer and liquor retailers, suppliers and distributors. A single e-commerce solution specializing in the beverage alcohol businesses, City Hive empowers licensed retailers with B2C online ordering, marketing, inventory management and data analytics partnering with over 3,000 beverage alcohol retailers in 950 cities. Founded in 2016, City Hive, Inc. is a privately-owned company and headquartered in New York City.

Empire Merchants Policies & Updates