Empire Merchants Policies & Announcements

Below you’ll find a chronological list of our important policy announcements. Please check this page often to remain current and feel free to call customer service with any questions.


Change To Monthly Statements

Because of a change in the law regarding terms of sale, the New York State Liquor Authority repealed Regulation 68.4. Consequently, Empire Merchants will no longer mail monthly statements to Retailers. This change will be effective on May 1, 2020 (starting with the April 2020 statements).

Please note:

1. Retailers are invited to sign up for SLA Default Email Notification service to receive electronic notification of invoices coming due as well as when the retailer is reported as delinquent. Customers that are not signed up for this electronic default notification system will receive a mailed notice should they be placed on the default list.
2. Empire will continue to mail statements related to Bill & Storage fees.
3. Retailers are encouraged to sign up for Empire Merchants Online Bill Pay and Pay by Phone systems by contacting their sales rep or customer service. This web based tools can provide invoice information , payment and order history as well as the ability to pay/schedule bills. This system can be accessed by https://ecommerce.empiremerchants.com
4. Enrollment forms for SLA Default Email Notification Service and Empire Online Bill Pay/Pay by Phone system are available on our website https://www.empiremerchants.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Empire-Online_Enrollment-Form_March-2019.pdf or customers can contact your Sales Representative or Customer Care.

Important Tariff Information

As a result of the recently announced tariffs/import duties that went into effect on October 18, 2019 on certain alcoholic beverages, to the extent permitted by the New York State Liquor Authority, Empire Merchants may increase the posted price of certain tariff impacted items during the price posted months for October, November and December. For any item of liquor or wine that is impacted, orders will be filled on a first come-first basis with available stock at pre-tariff prices before selling any tariff affected stock at a price higher than was what posted for the given month. Additionally, please note that backorders will not be accepted for tariff impacted items at pre-tariff prices and you will not be able to receive the benefit of the discounts for goods that assort, unless there is another size of the item available at the pre-tariff price or you pay the additional price associated with all post-tariff goods. .

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